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Welcome To The Andover Journal

April 19th 2014

Spring has finally arrived and the snow is going fast.


Easter  Weekend


6 baby Easter Ducklings being tended for someone by Mom that will be Easter gifts for some special kids.


March 13th, 2014 Winter Storm

Truck covered with snow.

Another foot of snow makes 2014 a heavy snow winter for Andover.

Snow up to the roof from a very snowy winter.

The only good thing about all this snow is that I now can walk up onto the roof to shovel snow without needing a ladder.

Snow weighing down the lilac bushes.

Lilac bushes weighed down by the snow in the front yard.

 lilac bushes weighed down by snow

More lilac bushes weighed down by the heavy snow from the most recent storm.

Main Street Andover after recent winter storm.

Main Street Andover lined with high snow banks after most recent winter storm.

Snow up to the house windows

Snow is now up to the house windows in our front yard after most recent snow storm. "#@& I'm tired of shovel snow and slipping on the ice!":


Feb. 14th 2014 Winter Storm

     Well it appears that we are gonna have a a very snowy and long winter this year. Today we got over a foot more snow and we seem to be on a schedule of getting 2-3 snow storms a week with more snow coming tomorrow and in the near future. In addition to the snow it has also been a very icy winter with several freezing rain storms that are the worst for people who have to drive to work every day. We still have a few inches of ice underneath the snow that makes walking and driving treacherous.

While this is great news for the skiers, snowmobilers, and winter business people, most of us are already ready for Spring to arrive. Someone has got to put a contract out on that Groundhog.

Feb. 2014 winter snow storm 1

Feb. 2014 winter snow storm 2

Feb. 2014 winter snow storm 3

Feb. 2014 winter snow storm 4

Feb. 2014 winter snow storm 5


Dec. 18th 2013

Andover Elementary School wins ecomaine Educational Grant

Nov 13th 2013

The "Whistling Bridge up by what used to be the Andover Wood Products is being replaced by a new bridge. This is a somewhat historic bridge which replaced one of the Covered bridges years ago. Here is an interesting link that was sent to me by Becky Nickerson that gives  some history of the Whistling Bridge.

Sunday Nov. 10th First Snowfall

Hunting season has arrived and so has the first measurable snowfall. The ground is not yet frozen so this probably won't stay for long. The hunters would love this if it would fall on a day when you can hunt.

winter storm 2014 January

winter storm 2014 January 2

Andover Olde Home Days 2013

Some pictures from this years Andover Olde Home Days...Do you recognize anyone?

Spectators for Andover Olde Home Days Parade 2013

Noone knows who these people are...they just showed up parade morning and parked their cars on our front lawn and setup a bunch of lawn chairs to watch the parade.

Horse Drawn Covered Wagon

One of the floats in the parade.

Covered Wagon

Horses in Andoer Olde Home Days Parade

Girl leading Donkey in AOHD Parade 2013

I heard the guys behind these people say "I wish you'd get your ASS going". He seemed to be going alright to me.

Barn Float in AOHD Parade 2013

Another one of the floats. The Theme for Olde Home Days was Old Barns & Agriculture.

Farm Float in AOHD Parade 2013

Another float but not a good picture. This person blocking the picture was dancing I think. She musta been sippin the sauce a little early that day.

Another Float in AOHD Parade 2013

Another float. I think I need to take wider angled pictures so I can get the whole thing.

Kids riding in Barrell Train in AOHD Parade 2013

The Barrel Train

More Barrell Train AOHD Parade 2013

 Lawn Tractor riders in nAOHD Parade 2013

Nice ATV in AOHD Parade 2013

Nice old vintage truck in Parade

Scott Farrington's old vintage classic car in Parade

Nice old tractor in Parade

John Deere Tractor in Parade

Little ATV rider in Parade

Medium ATV rider in Parade

ATV riders in AOHD Parade 2013

More ATV riders in Parade

Military tank in AOHD Parade 2013

Another military vehicle in Parade

Lots of Firetrucks in AOHD Parade 2013

Educational Vehicle of Dept of Fish & Game

Trophies displayed in Dept. of Fish & Game Vehicle

Barrell Train ride area

Vintage classic vehicles in car show

One of the many nice cars from the classic car show.

Classic Car showing trunk

Alan's Winning photos entered in photo contest AOHD

Alan Remmington and his photos that he submitted into the photo contest were taken in Alaska and won some awards for.

Andover Olde Home Days Button 2013

Olde Home Days Buttons

Another Andover Olde Home Days Button

Andover Olde Home Days T-Shirt

Olde Home Days T-Shirt for 2013


Memorial Day Services 2013

After 5 or 6 days of rain in a row finally a beautiful sunny day just in time for Andover's Memorial Day Services.

Four War Memorial Stones on Common

Above are the 4 memorial Stones on the Common.


Memorial Day celebration people gathering


Living Veterans at Memorial Day Ceremony

The Veterans who attended today's ceremony.


Flag Folding Demonstration Memorial Day.

      A Flag folding ceremony was demonstrated with Pastor Ken reading the Boy Scouts version of what each fold of the flag means.

I didn't get a picture but after the ceremony some of David White's delicious doughnuts and coffee were served at the Town Hall.


This is a picture of the Lovejoy Covered Bridge when I was a child sometime around 1957 or 1958. It wasn't new but you'll notice it seems to be well maintained. I'm not sure if back then it was kept up by the Town of Andover or like today from what I understand is supposed to be kept up by the State. I honestly can't tell you if the State works on it on a regular basis. I just know for at least the last decade it hasn't looked very good.

 I realize that there is an infrastructure problem across the country and everything comes down to money and there never seems to be enough of it to go around, but covered bridges are not like metal bridges where they just need a coat of paint every few years. A wooden bridge will have missing boards and rotting boards as well as painting needs that almost need to be addressed on at least a yearly basis. The Covered Bridge may supposed to be cared for by the State but it's an Historical Icon of the Town of Andover. I guarantee you the State doesn't care for it as much as the people of the Town do.

The Covered Bridge has always been a popular swimming hole and scenic picnic spot. When I look at pictures of other Covered Bridges around Maine & New Hampshire they overall seem to be better cared for. It doesn't seem like any maintenance is done on this on a very regular basis.

 I've heard nothing brought up about this in Town Meetings over the past several years probably because it's really not paid for by the Town of Andover. Maybe some of you don't agree it's a problem. I just think it's a shame.

I realize there are roads in need of repairs and other things that may rank higher on the priority list for the Town. I'm not sure what we need to do about this. Do we just sit back and say "It's not our problem,"  or should we start writing our Congressman and become a bunch of squeaky wheels. I don't know if the State already has plans and a schedule in place to address this problem but somehow I would be surprised.

Just some food for thought...  What do you think?

Lovejoy Covered Bridge


April 20th 2013- Special Town Meeting

A special Town Meeting was held to vote on whether or not the town would approve extra money to keep the Andover Elementary School open. The S.A.D. #44 District is wanting to close the school. Negotiations are in progress to allow Andover to leave the district and start their own district. This extra money would allow Andover to keep the school open for another year and give them enough time to finish negotiations before the next school year starts. Also on the agenda was to re-vote on the Farmer's Hill road repair project. Nobody disputes the fact that the Farmers Hill Road is in dire need of repair but with 7 more years left to pay for a bond for roads already repaired would be a lot with the school costs up in the air as well.

Extra money was approved for keeping the school open. The majority voted down the Farmers Hill Road Repair Project after it was already approved at the March Town Meeting. The general feeling seemed to be that waiting another year or 2 until we know what's going to happen with the school would make sure we don't go too much into debt causing taxes to go up and nobody wanted taxes to go up. This probably is a good idea. Of course the same majority of people who voted this down also don't reside on Farmers Hill Road.

The question that seems to stand out like a sore thumb is: Based on the contract that the Town of Andover made with the SAD 44 School District years ago, Can the Town of Andover afford to pay the costs assessed with separating from SAD 44 and running it's own Elementary School? (which I believe means starting it's own school district) The numbers that I've heard tossed around are very substantial.. Is the SAD 44 School District really willing to negotiate or are they just going through the motions? Just getting out of the school district alone seems to be an expensive venture. There is no question that every effort should be made to try and keep the school for the future of our town. I know that there are some good people working very hard on the town's behalf to negotiate a fair deal, however, it seems like they are the only ones willing to negotiate. I hope we won't still be dealing with these negotiations next year at this time and that they will start producing some favorable results soon.


Town Meeting April 2013

Full House

Town Meeting April 2013

Secret Ballot Vote

Town Meeting April 2013



    Got some old photos of Andover or it's people that you'd like to share? Send them to me so I can put them on the website for all to enjoy! Email a copy to me at or send me a copy of the photo to Bruce Simmons P.O. box 176 Andover, Maine 04216. I'll be happy to return them to you if you want, just let me know you want them back.





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