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Welcome To The Andover Journal

     This is my Andover Journal Website. It started out as a journal of information and pictures about my life in beautiful Andover Maine. Andover, Maine is a typical small town of about 800+ people.

I started this website so that my kids could learn and see more about their roots and where I was born and raised. I have been contacted by quite a few people over the years who are either familiar with Andover through relatives of theirs who used to live here, or who lived here themselves at one time. It slowly evolved into more than that as it also serves as a kind of scrapbook, picture album, and source of historical information about Andover. Many still come back now and then to visit.

 This is really not intended to be a social media website. For more current events and local information you may want to sign up on Facebook for "Fans of Andover". Here you can communicate back and forth with people who are or were from Andover.

 There are some links on this website to other resources of the Town of Andover as well, but it's not really a Town of Andover Website. There has been talk about the Town of Andover starting it's own website which is probably a good idea, however I'm not sure if and when that may happen.

I hope you enjoy our website. I would also like to encourage you to share any old photos you might have of people or places from Andover as people seem to really enjoy the old photos and historical information. The website isn't kept up to date as much as it probably should be but I do add stuff to it now and then to let people know some of the things that are currently happening.

Probably the biggest event that takes place each year is the Andover Olde Home Days. The first weekend in August this event draws a lot of people from all over with a parade, foot races, Lawn Tractor Races, fireman's BBQ chicken dinner, dance, and much more. A great time to meet up with old friends you haven't seen in awhile.

Dec 25th Christmas Day Snow Storm


     Another 6-8 inches of snow fell on Christmas Day. Our 3rd snow storm in about a week so we had a white Christmas and it looks like the snow is here to stay. We now have about 2 feet of snow on the ground with projected cold weather for the next week or so in the teens as high temps.


Christmas Decor Dec. 14th 2017

The temperature didn't get out of the teens today!

Dec. 13th 2017- More snow


Dec. 10th 2017- Snow Storm

      Andover got it's first measurable snow fall for the 2017-2018. Approximately 6 inches of snow fell overnight. A possibly larger storm is due on Tuesday.

     While there was very little snow that fell during hunting season it looks like we will most likely have a white Christmas. The colder arctic air has dropped down bringing colder temperatures.

    We really had a warmer November with really no plowable snowfall.



We hope you enjoyed our website and Please Come Again!


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