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This is the Andover Journal Website. This is a journal of information and pictures about my life in Andover, Maine.


I originally started this website so that my kids could learn more about their roots and where I was born and raised. It has slowly evolved into more than that as it also serves as a scrapbook, picture album, and source of historical information about Andover.


 There are some links on this website to other resources of the Town of Andover as well, but it's not really a Town of Andover Website.


There has been talk about the Town of Andover starting it's own website which is probably a good idea, however I'm not sure when exactly that may happen. I hope you enjoy our website. I would also like to encourage you to share any old photos you might have of people or places from Andover as people seem to really enjoy old photos the most.


Andover Summer 2014 Music Enjoyment Every Other Friday Evening During the Summer on the Common 

 Ross Swain Playing Piano Music on Common

Ross Swain Playing Piano on Common for everyone to enjoy. Ross is one of the talented artists who has donated his time and talents for the free music program during the summer every other Friday evening in Andover.



If you enjoy sitting back and listening to some good live music then grab a chair and bring the whole family out to the FREE music provided every other Friday evening  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Common. Thanks to some talented kind hearted musically inclined people who have volunteered their time and talents to provide a variety of music genres for everyone to enjoy. Ross Swain, Stevie Simmons, Perry Stinson, Pete Coolidge, and others are just some of the people involved who are combining their talents for our enjoyment. Below are some clips of some of the music and pictures.


  Pete Coolidge & Stevie Simmons "What a Wonderful World"

 Andover Olde Home Days Aug. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2014

     Well it's that time of year again. Time for the Andover Olde Home Days Parade and events.


Starting Friday afternoon Historical Society Auction at the Church next to the Common 3:00 pm,  Friday evening 6:30 pm Free Music Noel Palmer Band will be playing on the Bandstand on the Common.


Then Saturday kicks off a bunch of events such as Road Foot Races at the Andover Elementary School, Congregational Church Food-Cookie-Walk & Raffle, Olde Home Days Parade judging at 9:30 am starts at 10:00 am at the Transfer Station and proceeding through Town, Prize Drawings & Raffles on the Common, Antique Classic Car Show behind the Fire Station, Horseshoe Throwing Contest behind Fire Station, FREE Barrel Train Rides for the kids behind Fire Station, BBQ Chicken Dinner at the Fire Station, Photo Contest at the Town Hall, Historical Society displays & Flower Show in the Historical Society Bldg., Women's Frying Pan Throwing Contest at Little League Field by Mills Market, Men's Hammer Throwing Contest also at Little league Field, Pie Eating Contest near Little League Field, FREE Horse Drawn Wagon Rides across from Common, Pennacook Art Show & Book Talk at the Library, Operation Game Thief Exhibit near Fire Station sponsored by Maine Game Warden Service, Kids Bike & Doll Carriage Parade on tennis court, Kids Games at 11:00 am by Town Hall, Lawn Tractor Pull Contest & Lawn Tractor Races held at Grimaldi Field, Horse Riding Events held at Ellis River Rider's Horse Riding Park on Airport Road Saturday afternoon & Sunday.


There are lots of food vendors and others on the Common and around. The best place to meet old friends and people you know but haven't seen in a while is at the Common all day Saturday. People tend to hangout here a lot to listen for the prize drawings and raffle winners.


Olde Home Days T-Shirts & Buttons are available at local merchants and at the Bandstand at the Common on Saturday. All proceeds go to the Olde Home Days fund for next years event. Olde Home Days Buttons have numbers and are what we use for Prize Drawings. There are always quite a few prizes given away.


For an all around fun day with the family, and a chance to catch up with some old friends, come join us for Andover Olde Home Days.

Click HERE to view or make copies of the Olde Home Days Scedule of Events.

Olde Home Days T-Shirt 2014
Olde Home Days T-Shirt 2014

Olde Home Days Button 2014
Olde Home Days Button 2014



Note:     You can see bigger picture views of the pictures below by clicking on the pictures.

Lilacs in Bloom June 2014

Hedge of Lavender & White Lilac Trees in Bloom in Andover - June 2014.

More Lilac Trees in Bloom

More Lavender & White Lilac trees in Bloom in Andover - June 2014.

Lorena and the Easter Ducklings

Lorena watching over 6 baby Easter Ducklings sor someone. They will be Easter gifts for some special kids. Photo taken the day before Easter.

The Easter Ducklings

Baby Easter Ducklings. Day before Easter.

Lilac Bushes Weighted Down with Snow

Lilac Bushes bent over with heavy snow from latest storm. March 13th 2014.

Lilac bushes weighted down with snow

Picture #2- Lilac bushes weighted down with heavy snow. March 13th 2014.

If you have some old photos of Andover or it's people and you don't mind   sharing them, send them to me so I can put them on the website for all to enjoy! Email a copy to me at spotsb@gmail.com 

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