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The Andover "Bubble" or Telstar Satellite Tracking Station

Here are a few old photos of the "Satellite Station". You need to scroll down to see all available pictures.

The "Bubble" as we called it as kids or Telstar Satellite Station was a really big deal when I was growing up and kinda put Andover on the map.. so to speak. People came from all over to visit this installation which was a huge innovation in the communications field.

The first "Bubble" put up has a small bubble extruding on one side. It wasn't too long before they eliminated the bump on the side.


The original plans called for 5 "Bubbles" but this never happened.


                                             Foundation                                                                                            Frame



                                                   Cranes                                                                                                      Horn

The Bubble was demolished in 1970 but the tracking station was not the "Bubble" just became obsolete and was replaced with newer technology that didn't require the protection of the Bubble.


What it looks like today.



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