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Old People Pictures

       Below is a collection of copies of Historic or old pictures of people from Andover taken long ago . In some cases these are group pictures and some of these have noted below the picture who is in the picture. Unless you are very old you probably wouldn't recognize the people in these pictures but they very well could be some of your relatives in their younger days. Most people find these very interesting and in some cases you could be looking back in time at yourself or a friend. We hope you enjoy them.

Just click on the pictures for larger picture view.


R. B. McAllister Horses & Buckboard 1889. Mrs. Whitcomb, Mrs. Spencer, Arthur Nash.


Front Row - L / R: H. Deanis, N. White, J. Glover, D. White, J. Feener, G. Farrington
Back Row - L / R: Miss Crossland, P. Barlow, D. Lang, G. Hutchins, S. Mills, O. Akers, J. Myshrall, E. Porter,
J. Doyon, B. Myshrall, P. Morton, F. Dresser, P. Deanis


BACK ROW L / R: Marjorie Swain, Adelia Morton, Evelyn Stevens, Helen Ripley,
Anna Thurston, Elise Dresser, Lucy Mailloux
FRONT ROW L / R: Helen Morgan, Bertha Fox, Gertrude Poor, Emily Thurston,
Lucie Swain


Class of 74

FRONT ROW - L / R: B. Bell, A. Hiltz, G. Glover, G. Falkenham, D. Morgan,
SECOND ROW: R. Learned, S. Cayer, A. Dolloff, D. Bradford, V. Chenery, S. Howard
THRID ROW: K. Merrill, K. White, J. Richardson, A. Stinson, M. Elliot, M. Mills,
Mrs. Roberta Learned, - missing - L. Nevel, W. Whitten, R. Morton


Carnival Committee early 1930's
L - R Eva Roberts, May Hall, Came Morton, Lizzie Poor, Clayton Sweatt, Harry Poor, Fred Hutchins.


Easter Sunday 1947 Sunday School
First Row L - R Sandra Emerson, Avis Perkins, Sharon Fitzherbert, Iver Marston, Hugh Morton, Sarah Stowell, Linda Akers, Joanne White.
Back Row L - R Michael Stowell, BeverlyAkers, Laurel Arnold, Gloria Hutchins, Raylene Learned, Pricilla Morton, Hallie Hutchins.


Trip To Augusta - 1960 - Grade 8
Govenor Reed
L - R Margaret Akers,Theresa Sylvester, Sarah Dunn, Marsha Meisner, Jeanette Simmons, Tammera Emerson,
Fred Christian, Donald Smith, Archie Howard, Leon Littlehale, Robert Swain, Greg Peaslee


The Grange Apple Princess - Lone Mountain Grange. Apple Princess - Anna Thurston.
L to R - Lucy Mailloux, Violet Fraser, Etta Perkins, Lillian Webster, Lily Thurston, Vivian Bemis, Aorence Hall,
Nina Clark, Emily Thurston, Evelyn Stevens, Sadie Bailey, Marge Thomas.

L-R sitting _Janet Hewey, Trudy Learned, Maxine Dresser, Outgoing Queen - Philena Crooker, Ruth Chenery, Sharon Fitzherhert, Avis Perkins.
2nd. row L-R _Wayne Anair, Mike Feener, King _ Jim Bodwell, Queen - Dorothy Merrill, Billy Crooker, Tommy Learned, standing - Donald Mailloux


1982 Northern Oxford County Little League Champions
Standing L - R Nancy Miller, Wayne Wardwell, Robbie Shields, Mathew White, Bob Chase. Ricky Mixer.
Kneeling L - R Mike Miller, Scott Chase, Danny Thurston, Gary William Jr., Ricky Gilks.


Andover High School All 44 students in the fall of 1931.
Front row L -R Francis Campbell, Raymond Parsons, Allen Fraser, Herbert Hall, Harold Glover, Raymond Akers, Harold Falkenham, Bernard Hutchins, Alton Richards, Donald Smith,
Maurice York. Second row L _R Elmer Elliott, Elsie Spears, Matjorie Marston, Roberta Thurston, (Wallace Cutting & Miss Rose teachers) Anna Thurston, Georgia Marston, Minerva Pratt,
Thelma Blood. Third Row L _R Dorothy Ladd, Edithia Glover, Addie Dunn, Virginia Morrison, Dorothy Emerson, Cecilia Sweatt, Ruth Damon, Peggy Fraser, Ella Learned, Gertrude
Emerson, Clair Manzer, Linda Glover, Harold Gibbs. Fourth row L _ R Clyde Roberts, Burton Richards, Wcndall Blood, Roger Damon, Harry Perkins, Elwin Merrill, Edith Marston,
Mildred Bemis, Gertrude Manzer, Marguerite Campbell.


End of Trail White Cap-Grade 5-October 2nd, 1992

Front row L - R Melissa Newcomb, Amanda Davis,Kier Simmons, Forest Fyrberg, Regine Zitoli, Erica
Blood, Amy Green.
Back row L - R Tommy Andexler, David Gallant, KristiParadies, Jennifer Fyrberg, Nickki Krieten, Jimmy Wolf,
Katrine Burgi, Brianne Drakus.


End of Trail White Cap-Grade 5-October 2nd, 1992

Brownie Troop 1967
Front L - R Bertha Cox, Kathy Hutchins, Ginny Clement, Donna French, Leslie Mills, Becky Simmons.
Second L - R Kathy Richardson, Karen Swasey, Kathy Sennett, ? Mullins, Came Chenery, Sharon Cayer.
Back L - R Sherry Akers, Claire Morgan, Pam Sidelinger, Bonnie Hutchins, Judy Dunham.


1st. row L to R: Eliot Lang, Douglas Reed, Mary Deroche 2nd. row: Glennice Silver, Howard Spidell, Paul Bodwell
3rd. row: Lillian Swan, Dorothy Learned, Francis Manzer, Joanne Milton 4th row: Franklin Swan, Patricia Pratt, Billy Swan, Leral Dumas, James Bodwell
5th row: Morris Hall, Julie Joy, Dorothy Merrill, George Morton, Alice Chandler 6th row: Dorothy Jodrey, Arlene Akers, Roger Swan, George Richards
1936 - 1937 Teacher - Anna Thurston


L - R  Arthur Whitten, Warren Percival, Bill French, Roger Mills


L - R  Roger Mills, Fred Hutchins, Henry Hutchins, Stan Fox- Piano


Andover Orchestra
J1.!mbHutchins - Drums. Herschel Small - Sax.
Hazel Fox - Piano. Henry Hutchins - Banjo.


Andover Village School Grades 1-12

One Story App. 1888 - Teachers- Mr. A. K. Bryant, & Miss Jackson


From L-R  3rd Lester Thurston, 5th Herbert Campbell, 6th Arlow Campbell, 8th Ivan Campbell, 10th Daniel B. Campbell, 11th Bert Carver.


Andover Village School- Mrs. Sedgeley- teacher, about 1928


Freshman class of 1962


Front L to R - R. Damon, E. Farrington, E. Ladd, Marie Morgan, Roberta Thurston, Edith Cutting, H. Holman, C. Hall, H. Roberts, A. Thurston, T. Dunn.
Second L to R - K. Feener, G. Bemis, H. Hall, A. Milton, L. Morton, M. Marston, H. Glover.
Third L to R - A. Whiting, R. Bailey, F. Hall, G. Dunn, C. Thomas, W. Sweatt.
Fourth L to R - D. Smith, D. Fraser, H. Damon, F. Nason - Teacher, Volney Sweatt - Teacher, H. Rand, H. Averill.

Andover Community Club


Thelma & Clarence Remington

Alice & Larry Parson and Maine's 1,000,000th visitor.


A sliding party. This is what our sleds looked like then. Today there are many designs and styles of sleds. I think we also had what we called "Flying Saucers" (metal aluminum discs) and toboggans. I believe the kids in the picture are from left to right- Tommy Remington, Becky Simmons (Nickerson), and Peter Poor.


David Simmons and his black 67 Chevy Impala.


Eddie Pratt driver for Lakewood Camps 1947 Studebaker

Ice cutting Dorian Meisner on Lakes





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