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More Historical Andover People Pictures 2

     Below is a collection of copies of Historic or old pictures taken long ago of people from Andover. In some cases these are group pictures and some of these have noted below the picture who is in the picture. Unless you are very old you probably wouldn't recognize the people in these pictures but they very well could be some of your relatives in their younger days. Most people find these very interesting and in some cases you could be looking back in time at yourself or a friend. We hope you enjoy them. There is no real order to these pictures. They have just been pasted into the website page.

Square Dance Club 1960.

Row I: L To R . Bailey, White, Smith, Michaud, Farrington, Jodrey, Jodrey, Porter, LeBlanc, Hutchins.
Row 2: L to R. Remington, Myshrall, Ladd, Morton, White, White, Sylvester, Emerson, Smith, Farrington, Harrigan, Doyen, Meisner, White, White, Mills, Hutchins, leBlanc.
Row 3: L to R. Simmons, Akers, Stinson, Sylvester, Smith, Howard, Perkins, Learned, Stinson, Doyen, Tucker, Jodrey, Maddix, Hewey, Hutchins, Dunn.
Row 4: L to R. Emerson, Emerson, Hutchins, Peaslie, Marston, Remington, Dunn, White, White. White, Littlehale, Remington, Swain, Littlehale.

Row 5: L to R. Percival, Jodrey, Sylvester, Chase, Porter, Hutchins, Hutchins, Morton, Cushing, Leroux, Gammon. Marston, Feener, Michaud.


L to R - Lydia Glover, Thelma Blood, Ruth Damon, Josephine Poor,
Betsey Poor, Roberta Thurston, Edith Cutting - Teacher - Coach - Volney Sweatt


Andover Elementary School 1939-1940.
Back Row: L to R - Frank Campbell, Zane Tibbetts, George Morton. Middle Row: L to R - Arthur Manzer, Jim Bodwell,
Arlene Akers, Patty Pratt, Dotty Merrill, Billy Cutting, Morris Hall, George Richards, Roger Swan. Front Row: L to R - Otis Morton, Budding Cushing,
Maxine Dresser, Sadie Akers, Sylvia Morton, Mary Agnes McNeil, ? Tibbetts, Louis Hall, Kenny Roberts.


Front: L to R - Allen Bodwell, Jim Bodwell, Richard Hall, Robert Spidell, Arthur Myshrall. Kenny Roberts.
Rear: L to R - Owen Morton, George Richards, Ronnie White, Louis Hall, Roger Swan, Morris Hall, Donald Mailloux Coach.


Standing: L to R - Waldo Merrill, ?, Victor Akers, Ike Mills, ?, Avery Merrill, Lester Thurston (far right).
Seated: L to R - ?, Jesse Elliott, ?, King Cecil Sweatt,  Kneeling: ?, Rev. Thomas Denick, ?


Front L to R - William Ellis (apron), Cecil Damon, S. B. Delong, Irving Mirrer, Willie Dorey, Steve Abbott,
Henry Remington, Graydon Campbell, George Glover, Charles Learned (apron) 2nd. Row: L to R _ Kenny Meisner,
Chester learned, Irving Akers, Sid Carver, Rex Damon, Tim Learned 3rd. Row: L to R - Harry Roberts, Ed Wood.


Bill Koch League 1978-l982?

 Back Row L-R - Jamie Shields, Jon Akers, Chuck Jaros, Rachel Belanger, Jerry Deanis.
Middle Row L.R. Briao Fogg, Billy Simmoos, Alison Belanger, Emily Gammoo, Doona Dorey, Nancy Miller, Adam Gammon, Rick Bodwell.
Front Row L-R _Kim Deanis, Tammy Milligan, Rebecca Martin, Heidi Belanger, Robbie Shields, Jon Martin, Derek Adams


Front: Charlotte Farrington, Leroy Farrington, Philena Crooker.
Middle: Bertha Meisner, Earl Murphy, Doris Glover. Back: Barbara Farrington, Freda or Lavema Farrington, Barbara Glover.


Reunion of former East Andover Teachers June 14, 1959
Back L-R _ Vivian Barlow, Marion Bragdon Davis, Elise Dresser, Lucy Voter Videto, Nancy Williamson McAllister, Violet Peters Swain.
Front L-R _ Frinda Gordon Miller, Elizabeth Baker Richards, MaIjorie Burgess Thomas, May Akers Hall, Geneva Burgess Amber, Marie Elliot Lang.


Front: Ida Peaslee, Peggy Fuller, Thelma Cushing, Agnes Roberts, Dotty J. Learned, Dotty Judkins.
Middle: Hazel Chase, ?Ilean Peaslee, ?Barbara Reed, ?Edna Roberts, Arlene Conant, Betty Merrill, Edith Littlehale, Lorena Cushing, Ismay Roberts.
Back: Annie Akers, Grace Roberts, Norma Morton.


He used part of a Rangeley boat for part of car to store camping gear. Took him 3 months to go there and back.


Field is now used by the Ellis River Riders Horse Club.


Front row L-R- George Wasbington- Bobby Hntcbins, Indian Brave- Terry Veinot,  Big Bad Wolf - John Jodrey, Pilgrim Maiden - Janet Hewey,  Story Book Fairy - Trudy Learned, Cinderella-Nancy Bemis,  Little Red Riding Hood- Joanne Hutcbins,  Little Boy Blue - Wayne Anair,  Jill - Avis Perldns, Jack - Wiliy Dunn.
Row two from back-  Betsy Ross- Elaine Jodrey, Littte Drummer Boy- Mike Feener, Three Little Pigs - Peter Stowell,  Vemald Porter, Dickie White, Miss Music- Linda Akers, Humpty Dumpty- Bud Chase, Little Miss Muffet- Patty Adams, Wee Willie Winkie- Billy Remmington.


Front L-R _Tom Dunn, Sandra Emerson, Olive Akers, Laurel Arnold. Priscilla Morton, Beverly Akers, Madeline Chase, Jean Chase, Gloria Hutchins, Raylene Learned, Grace Glines - Teacher.
2nd row L -R _Vernald Porter, Ronnie Anair, Calvin Baker, Iver Marston, Mike Stowell, Hallie Hutchins, Charlie Akers, Harold Porter, Jimmy Porter, Walter Akers,


1. Mabel French, 2. Florence Thomas, 3. Marjorie Burgess, 4. Ella Burditt, 5. Susie Mills,
6. Mona Newton, 7. Ellen Akers, 8. Ethel McAllister, 9. Onesa Burditt. Carrying a daisy chain.



1st row _ Billy Cutting, Edith Littlehale, Kathlene Remington, 2nd row - Edward Littlehale, Junior Cutting, Clarence Remington,
3rd row - Stanley Remington, Harold Remington.


1. Cecelia Bell & Virginia, 2. Lila Farrington & Linda, 3. Violet Swain & Robert John, 4. Louise Leach & Harold,
5. Grace Simmons & Caroline & Jeannette, 6. Ella Grover & Nancy, 7. Mae Maddix & Sherman.


Front L-R _ Donald Fraser, Wendall Sweat, Kenneth Feener, Howard Averill, Harold Damon
Back L-R - Delbert Whiting, Harold Glover


R-L Front - Lucinda Marston - Maggie Littlehale - Marion Poor
Second Row - Gertrude Learned "Kimball" - Nellie Perkins - Gertrude Barrett - Floss Perkins - Lena Boynton
Third Row - Man sitting - Clarence Newton
Back Row - Lizzie Richards - Bertha Richards - Geo Jordon or Robertson - Wallie Marston - Issac Mills - Herbert Thomas - Arthur Newton


Front L-R - Ernestine Porter, Barbara Porter, Barbara Myshrall, Sally Mills, Frances Dresser, Elaine Adams, Geraldine Farrington, Lois Parkman, Leatrice Porter, Dicky Marston, Bobby Hutchins
Middle L-R Russel White, Sidney Jodrey, Clinton Littlehale, Maurice Palmer, Irving Smith, Leon Akers, ? Adams, Philip Abbott, David Bodwell, Teacher - Florence Hall, Alfred Marston
Back L -R -Leroy Famington, Junior Sennett, Lewis Akers, Melvin Akers


L-R Josephine Hall, Maxine Hall, Dorothy Knox, Frances Dresser, Sally Mills, Margaret Hall, Joyce Dresser, Doris Glover
1948 - 1949?


Top Row L-R ?, Bobby Porter, Karen Mills, Vickie Michuad, Nancy Fox, Rosalie Bailey, Viola Hutchins
2nd Row Down L-R Arthur Cole Jr., Janet Doyon,?, Edna Porter, Terry Remington, Roberta Jodrey, Margaret Smith
3rd Row Down L-R Fred Emerson, Jill Leroux, Sonny Gestaut, Howard Perkins, Ed Miller, Raymond Hutchins, Loretta Jodrey
4th Row Down L-R Penny Poor, Peggy Mills, Donna Meisner, Julia Akers, Men-ilee Jodery, Becky Learned
5th Row Down L-R Larry Robinson, Billy Remington, Steve Knox, James Dyer, Barbara Sylvester, Joy Porter


Front row-  Frances Dresser, Joy Glover, Donna White, Helen Lang, Patty Barlow,
BACK ROW- Steve Hall, Edith Hall, Sally Mills, Barbara Myshall, Russell White, Miss Crossland


BACK ROW:(left - right) Sharon Fitzherbert, June Farrington, Joan Stinson, Bev.Akers,
Michelene Favreau, Jean Cushing
FRONT ROW: Nonie Myshrall, Raylene Learned


FRONT _ Kevin Gammon, Mindy McElmurry, Elaine Rosebery, June Goodwin, Kathy Bailey,
Dorothy Morton, Linda Morton, Karen Swan
BACK ROW _ Ann Cox, Mona Roberts, Debbie Briggs, Rachel Farrington, Janet Albert, Leigh Michaud, Lori Gammon, Sheila Cuff, Jodie Deanis.


SENIOR CITIZENS OF ANDOVER (trip to Middle Dam 1978)
Front row (L _R) -  Marguerite Emerson, Elizabeth Sennett, Margaret Learned, Thelma Clark, Alma Hewey,
Marion Bodwell, Charlotte Sennett,
BACK ROW- Pearl Peaslee, Elise Hewey, Catherine MacGuine, __ ?_, _?_, Marion Mansfield


Left to right-  Rachel Farrington, Mona Roberts, Karen Swan


Andover Class Of 2000 - Alumni Banquet
Front L-R Amanda Davis, Brianne Drakus, Megan Bowker, Amy Green
Back L-R Keir Simmons, Katrine Burgi, Forest Fryburg, Jennifer Fryburg
Missing - Erica Blood, VITal Yates

(LEFT - RIGHT) Justin Wood, Patrick Milligan, Nicholas Anastasio, John Farrington, Debbie Dolloff,
Julia Stambolis, RebeccaWilson, Matthew Farrington, Brianne Bailey, Esther Pew


Front: L to R - Everett Dresser, Frank Dresser, Hank Lohnes, Henry Roberts, Roger Mills, Irving Akers,
Sylvanus Poor, Paul Bodwell, Delbert Thurston, Raymond Akers.
Back: L to R - Howard Spidell, Louis Hall, Douglas Reed, George Richard, Ira Bodwell, Burt Damon.


Graduating Class of 1967


Graduating Class of 1967

Bruce Simmons part of first graduating class from Telstar Regional High 1969. The dog also got his GED.

Not sure what year. I assume this is a graduation class but not sure.

Robert B. Swain & horse "Belle" 1931.

Clippers- I believe this is Dennis Page? closest and Henry Hutchins on the right working in the mill.


Elwin Morton


Lorena Simmons in first row.

Lorena Simmons first row 6th grade


We would like to thank the Andover Historical Society for some of the pictures above. If you would like more info. about the Andover Historical Society, just call 207-392-4742 or 207-392-3157.

Do you have any old class pictures or people pictures you would like me to add to these? If so just mail a copy of them attn. Bruce Simmons P.O. box 176 Andover, Maine 04216, or email them to me at spotsb@gmail.com




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