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Old Andover Pictures

     Below is a collection of copies of Historic or old pictures taken long ago from Andover. Some these pictures have notes on them explaining the picture. Unless you are very old you may not recognize the people or places in the pictures but they very well could be some of your relatives in their younger days or places where they lived. Some of these old places may not even be standing today and some are. Most people find these very interesting and in some cases you could be looking back in time at yourself or a friend. We hope you enjoy them.



A rebuilt snow roller is on display at the Historical Society Building in Andover. This was how they used to maintain the roads in the winter in the old days. They would roll the snow on the roads packing it down and then they would drive their horses & sleighs down the road, or in some cases automobiles with skis instead of tires.












Dining Hall - Andover Fair 1901





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