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Historical Andover Sights Pictures


Andover Satellite Station

Andover Satellite Station



airiel picture of early Andover

Early Andover

old picture of Andover Village

Andover Village

Andover House 1853-1900

Andover House

Glenellis resort

F. E. Leslie, Prop., Andover, Maine.  A year round resort in the wooded highlands of the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Hotel Lakewood & Camps Middledam Rangely Lakes

Milton House the last Andover hotel 1903-1960




Snow Valley Inn

This is now Jim Bodwell's home and was previously owned by the Favereaus. As you can see at one time there were lots of birch trees around this house and they lined the road leading up to it as well, but over the years they have slowly died and gone away.  For some reason birch trees don't seem to reseed themselves as well as the oak and maple trees do. You don't see many homes with birch trees all around them any more in this area. There used to be an old windmill also that was quite old and was used to pump water.

The Gregg House 1835-1954

Sylvanus Leonard at Saphouse early 1900s

Hotel Twitchell 1910


Jodrey House.

Andover Hook & Ladder Co. building

Andover Hook & Ladder Co.
Recently named to National Register of Historical Places.
House of Mert & Eda Perkins originally part of "Blackberry Academy".

Old picture of Andover Library

Gregg Boarding House 1905

AQndover Village School 1916

Also at one time was known as Andover Village School.

East Andover School and kids 1933

East Andover School 1932-1933

 7 grades - Teacher, Ruth Bailey. L - front to back: Adelia Meisner, Amelia Swain, Chester White, Sylvanus Glover, Sylvia Meisner, Albert Gallant,
Betty Schneider, Ernest White, Bud Simmons, Virginia Glover. In doorway: Florence Arsenault, Joseph Gallant. R - front to back: Basil Arsenault, David Simmons,
Marjorie Simmons, Norman White, Claude White, Natalie Glover, Jean Simmons.

No. 4 School

Byard Marston staying in at recess. Teacher- Ina Learned. I believe this school was located in North Andover.

McAllister Theater

Ethel Mcallisters Store

Looks like this might be either Louie Hall's old store and the Telephone office or the old Post Office and the old Barber Shop next to it??


Uptown Andover probably around the 1920s

Uptown Andover probably around the 1920s


Walter Barnes Store & Post Office

Walter Barnes Store & Post Office

I guess this is now the right side of the Andover General Store.

Telephone Office & Dresser's Store

Andover Telephone Switchboard 1967

Oxen pulling wagon on Main Street

Ray Thurston's Oxen Team

L - R  Ray Thurston ?  Everett Thurston,  George Glover

Thurston's Store around 1920

Standing- Lester Thurston - Sitting- Roy Lohnes

On Porch- Della, Ivy, and Emily Thurston




Stump fence behing Poor Farm 1901

Mill down by the "Big Rock" by Ellis River

Elliot & Bartlet Spool Mill 1924

Lester Farrington's Mill East Andover

Lester Farrington's Mill in East Andover. As kids we used to play on the big sawdust pile and walk on the logs in the water above the dam that you can see the water flowing over. It seemed like there were a lot of mills back in those days and every mill had a lumber yard. We would go into the lumber yards and climb the stacks of lumber and jump from 1 stack to the next. These mills also had what we called slabs of wood these were boards that still had the bark left on them on one side. the mills would let us take some of these and we would go build ourselves a kids camp or leanto somewhere. Today of course you don't see many lumber yards and they make use of every scrap of wood with very little waste left over.

Left - Right...   Lewis Morton, Linwood Tucker, George Ladd.


Mason's Dowel Mill

Swains Dowel Mill

Andover Lovejoys Covered Bridge

Mill Pond Covered Bridge 1901 sporting events

Andover Brickett Bridge 1932

East Andover Bridge

Geo Learned Hunting Camp Andover

Olney Farrington House Flood of 1936

Andover barns

Silver Lake Roxbury Pond

Devils Den on Lake Road Andover

"The Olivette" Upper Dam

The old Rumford Point Ferry

Ferry picture with horse & buggy

Ferry on highway to Andover Maine


Ross Swain sent me these copies of old pictures of East Andover- Thanks Ross.

Robert Swain's house taken in 1894

Attached is a photo of Dad's (Robert Swain) house taken in 1894. Pictured left to right
Mrs. Albert Perkins, Mrs. William Perkins holding Erma Perkins, Floss E. Perkins, & Vard M. Perkins
Vard DOB 6/4/1879 Floss DOB 11/16/1883 Erma DOB 1/26/1894

Farmers Hill Road with Lone Mtn. in background

This picture taken from Farmer's Hill Road looking towards East Andover Road. Note blacksmith shop at end of Farmer's Hill Road on left.

airial photo of Farmers Hill road East Andover 1963

This aerial photo was taken in 1963 and is a view of Farmer's Hill Road and some of East Andover.

Middle Dam around 1930s

Middle dam around 1930s we think.

People on Charles Lovejoys Farm around 1885

Picture above & explanation below. Poles of hops were laid across the box and the women picked off the hops which were later dried. Taken on Charles Lovejoy's farm around 1885.


Cold Spring Farm 1904

This is "Cold Spring Farm"  in 1904 (now Swains House in East Andover). William Perkins seated with daughter Erma and son Vard.

brothers Ed & Robert Swain's Dowel Mill 1915

Brothers Ed & Robert J. Swain's Dowel Mill 1915

Under the north side of Black Mountain near Swain Pond- moved to East Andover Maine. Click picture for a larger view.


(Click on picture for a larger view)
I want to thank Ross Swain for sending me this copy of an old photo of the old telephone office with Beatrice Reed as the operator on duty sitting at the switchboard when this was taken. This was when we had the old hand crank telephones.



Androscoggin Lakes Transportation Company boat on Richardson Lakes. Captain Ferrar's Boat.



Do you have any old pictures you would like me to add to these? If so just mail a copy of them attn. Bruce Simmons P.O. box 176 Andover, Maine 04216, or email them to me at


We would also like to thank the Andover Historical Society for many of the pictures above.



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