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Historical Andover Site Pictures









F. E. Leslie, Prop., Andover, Maine.  A year round resort in the wooded highlands of the Rangeley Lakes Region.














Andover Hook & Ladder Co.
Recently named to National Register of Historical Places.
House of Mert & Eda Perkins originally part of "Blackberry Academy".








East Andover School 1932-1933

 7 grades - Teacher, Ruth Bailey. L - front to back: Adelia Meisner, Amelia Swain, Chester White, Sylvanus Glover, Sylvia Meisner, Albert Gallant,
Betty Schneider, Ernest White, Bud Simmons, Virginia Glover. In doorway: Florence Arsenault, Joseph Gallant. R - front to back: Basil Arsenault, David Simmons,
Marjorie Simmons, Norman White, Claude White, Natalie Glover, Jean Simmons.


Byard Marston staying in at recess. Teacher- Ina Learned

 Front: Charlotte Farrington, Leroy Farrington, Philena Crooker.
Middle: Bertha Meisner, Earl Murphy, Doris Glover. Back: Barbara Farrington, Freda or Lavema Farrington, Barbara Glover.






Walter Barnes Store & Post Office








L - R  Ray Thurston ?  Everett Thurston,  George Glover


Standing- Lester Thurston - Sitting- Roy Lohnes

On Porch- Della, Ivy, and Emily Thurston








L - R   Lewis Morton, Linwood Tucker, George Ladd.




























Ferry on highway to Andover Maine

Ross Swain sent me these copies of old pictures of East Andover- Thanks Ross.

Attached is a photo of Dad's (Robert Swain) house taken in 1894. Pictured left to right
Mrs. Albert Perkins, Mrs. William Perkins holding Erma Perkins, Floss E. Perkins, & Vard M. Perkins
Vard DOB 6/4/1879 Floss DOB 11/16/1883 Erma DOB 1/26/1894

This picture taken from Farmer's Hill Road looking towards East Andover Road. Note blacksmith shop at end of Farmer's Hill Road on left.

This aerial photo was taken in 1963 and is a view of Farmer's Hill Road and some of East Andover.



Do you have any old pictures you would like me to add to these? If so just mail a copy of them attn. Bruce Simmons P.O. box 176 Andover, Maine 04216, or email them to me at spotsb@gmail.com


We would like to thank the Andover Historical Society for some of the pictures above. If you would like more info. about the Andover Historical Society, just call 207-392-4742 or 207-392-3157.


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