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Historic Winter Carnival Pictures

     Below are some Pineland Ski Club Pictures of Annual Ski Carnival and Coronation. The ski carnival and skiing competitions were held almost every year (I believe in March) provided snow conditions were good enough. A Carnival Queen was chosen to represent the event.  From what I remember the Coronation was usually held at the Town Hall after the competitions had been held and there was a Ball and awards ceremony also. People would come from all around to participate in the Carnival. I believe you had to be a member of the Ski Club to enter the competitions. It was quite a tradition.

   There were dues paid by all Ski Club  members who wanted to belong to the ski club and you got a Pineland Ski Club patch which most members had sewn on their sweaters or ski jackets. The Pineland Ski Club usually held weekly meetings during the winter time up at the Town Hall. I remember watching 8 mm movie reels of some of the competitions and events at these meetings. There was a secretary, treasurer, President and other elected officers from what I remember.

I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. They were some old slides I had converted onto a CD so I could load them onto my computer. Most all of these were taken during the 1950's & 1960's.

See if you recognize anyone?

L to R: Gertrude Percival, Warren Percival, Wendall Swealt,
Merton Fox, Hazel Fox. Sign painted by Bill French - 1936.


First Carnival Queen 1928

Queen- Dorothy Bemis,  Uncle Sam- Harry Poor,  Behind- Henry Hutchins, Hazel Fox.


Carnival Queens Past & Present 1976.

Front L to R - Eda Roberts, Marjorie Campbell, Roberta Thurston, Queen Leslie Mills, Mary Abbott. Sylvia Poor,
Frances Delong. Back L to R - Hean Peaslee, Dotty Jean Learned, Barbara Glover, Elaine Gammon, Norma White, Becky Learned,
Cynthia Bell, Gloria Howard, Virginia Bell, Juliette White, Helen Lang, Barbara Pratt



Carnival Ball - 1927.
L to R: Eunice Hawley, Dot. Campbell, Eva Roberts, May Hall, Dr. Stanwood, Hazel Fox,
Marie Morgan (Queen), Grace Glines, Margaret Hall, Carrie Morton, Mary MacNeil.
Front Row: Neil Bodwell, Doris French, Eda Perkins, Stan Fox, Kathy Glines, Jean Glines.


Getting Ready for the march.

Carnival Queen

Crowning of new Carnival Queen

You can see the trophies on the table in the background. The Carnival Queen would present the trophies to the winners and would also give them a kiss as I remember it.

L to R: -Vickie Meisner, Richie Davidson, Billy Simmons, and Bruce Simmons getting ready for the ski events put on by the Pineland Ski Club.



Bruce just learning. This is how I learned to ski.. the Remington's taught me. I also remember a bunch of us going to Louie Hall's Farm and packing the hill beside it and some adults teaching us how to snow plow and herringbone up the hill. How to do the stem christie turns, how to stop, and how to get up if you fell. AND WE DID FALL! It didn't take too long before we got the hang of it and almost every day we would find a hill close by to practice our turns and stopping etc. Somewhere in all this some good people in the town the Akers,  Percivals, Farringtons, Mills, and I'm sure many others decided to put in a rope tow with several ski trails up on the east B hill Rd. Talk about FUN! We all had a blast. These good people donated many hours of their time to help us kids in all kinds of sports and scouts and other stuff.

We used to make a lot of these snow jumps everywhere. We would just look for a hill and put a jump on it. It was important to work on your style points, distance, and of course a Telamark landing just like the Olympic champions.

The Remington Clan

L to R:  Clarence, Sonny, Robert, Tommy, Alan. All active members of the Andover Pineland Ski Club. They held still long enough for the picture but before and after it was probably snowball fights and washing each others faces in the snow.


Clarence Remington loved to ski.

Every year the Pineland Ski Club put on the Winter Ski Carnival and hosted ski jumping and cross country events. The Winter Ski Carnival and Ball was held after the events were concluded and a Carnival Queen was selected and crowned each year. It was all quite an event.

 The bigger 40 meter ski jump hill shown below was located down on airport road where even before my time they used to have an airport. There was also a 20 meter jump located next to the 40 meter one where a lot of High School events were held. Ski Jumping was still quite popular back then. This 40 meter hill was more for the adult competition. This usually drew quite a crowd too if the weather was good. The little hut you see in the picture sold food and drinks. A crowd of people would come to watch.

I'm not sure who this is but I think it may have been Stan Fox or Stan Remington? This was the 40 meter hill down on the airport in South Andover.

Someone maybe Clarence coming off the jump and landing. In the picture above you can see the landing hill of what was the "Mankiller" Jump on the left side. The landing hill was as big as the jump and hill on the 40 meter. Below is an old (bad) picture of the Mankiller jump.

I never did ski on the Mankiller Jump but looking at the picture it appears that it was a wooden tower and jump that stood above the landing hill that you see on the left in 2 pictures above. Someone told me that Alan Bodwell held the record on the Mankiller jump. This jump was right next to the 40 meter jump down in South Andover off Airport Rd..

Actually Ski Jumps- plural. I'm not sure what size they were. The one closest looks like it may have been about a 20 meter jump?? I don't remember these as they were not around in late 1950s

The jump above was located out back of Historical Society Building. There was a small gravel pit on the east side of the Historical Society Bldg. We skied on this jump a lot when we were kids. We even has night lights on it so we could ski at night. We would go to Pineland Ski Club meetings which if I remember right were held during the week at night and after we would turn on the lights and ski jump for awhile.


An alpine slalom event held on the hill of Spidell's house across from what used to be the old picnic area. I think this is Vicky Meisner on the course skiing.

A cross country skiing event.




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