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Memorial Day & War Memorials

     Memorial Day is an important day in Andover . It is usually preceded by people taking flowers down to the Woodlawn Cemetery and putting the flowers on the gravesites of their loved ones.

Andover's Memorial Day Ceremonies are held each year on the Common to honor our veterans. Below are some pictures that show this. Also below are pictures of the War Memorial Stones located on the common.

We would like to thank all the veterans and people who are serving in the military for their service and keeping out country safe so we can all enjoy our freedom.



Freeman Farrington is Master of Ceremonies and speakers to speak at Memorial Day Ceremonies.


Lowering the Flag Ceremony.



War Memorial Stones on Common in center of town. If you would like to read the names on these memorials, just click on the pictures for a magnified picture.

Civil War Memorial - click on the picture to read names

World War 1 Memorial - click on the picture to read names

World War 11  & Korean War Memorial- click on the picture to read names

Aug. 1953- June 1974 Memorial - click on the picture to read names


The Family Grave stones and Markers below are in Andover Maine Woodlawn Cemetary

The Simmons Family Headstone at the Cemetery.




Edgar L Cushing Grave Marker (my Grandpa Cushing)

Florena C McEwen Grave Marker  (my Grandma Cushing)

Edgar & Florena Grave Markers side by side (Grandpa & Grammy Cushing)


Kate E Marston Grave Marker  (my Great Grandma Cole)

William F Cole Grave Marker  (my Great Grandpa Cole)

William and Kate's Grave Markers side by side (Great Grandma & Grandpa Cole)

Mattie & Charles MacEwen Gravestone. Charles was also the husband of Florena McEwen her 2nd husband.

(my Grandma & Grandpa MacEwen}




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