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Past Olde Home Days Pictures

     Below are pictures of past Andover Olde Home Days. We have selected a few to give you an idea of the variety of things that take place at Andover Olde Home Days. There are plenty of vendors and prizes given away as well as events that you can compete in. People running road races, Parade, raffles, prize drawings, pie eating contest, cow flip throwing contest, Fireman's barbeque chicken dinner, Classic Car Show, free horse drawn wagon rides, picture/photo contest and display, free music Friday night on the common, Lawn Tractor Pull, Lawn Tractor Races and Ellis River Riders Horse contests all part of a good family weekend of fun. This is a good places to run into old friends. Come One ..Come All.

Make sure to pickup a Olde Home Days T-Shirt and some Buttons or tickets to get in on the drawings. You can usually find these at the stores in town or at the Gazeebo Saturday morning.

If you're up to get your family together to enter a float in the Olde Home Days Parade. This can be a fun project that anyone can enter.

It all starts Friday evening.

 Friday evening starts things off . Free music to listen to with a live band playing on the Common in uptown Andover.

People gather around to visit and listen to the music.


Saturday morning begins a number of Olde Home Days events.

Below are a few pictures to show you some of the things that go on.

The Road Race for kids and adults alike kicks off early am.

They'er Off!

At 10:00 the parade starts on Main St. Find a spot along Main St. to watch the parade. The kids will enjoy it and candy is thrown from some floats and vehicles to the folks watching on the side of the road.

Click HERE to go to Olde Home Days Parade Pictures

The Kiddie Parade.

At lunch time enjoy some tasty Fireman's Barbeque Chicken Dinner...YUM!

Run into some old friends.

Free Barrel Train Rides for kids.

Free horse & wagon rides

Frying pan throwing contest.

Pie eating contest.

Try your luck at some horseshoes


Participate in the photo contest.


You can win prizes by buying raffle tickets, Olde Home Days T-shirts, and Olde Home Days Buttons at the Common. They are announcing the winners on the Gazeebo. Checkout all the vendors there and maybe grab a pint of delicious fried clams. This is also a good place to run into old friends.

Checkout some of the special events that are held at the Church across from the Townhall.

Also there are historical displays and information available at the Historical Society building next to the Townhall.

Checkout some of the primo HOT cars at the classic car show.

Checkout the horse riding events at the Ellis River Riders Horse park in South Andover on Saturday and Sunday.


Whatever you do don't forget about the Lawn Tractor Pull and Races held in the afternoon down at Grimaldi Park

Enter your Lawn Tractor in the Lawn Tractor Pull Contest

After you're done winning the Tractor Pull enter it in the Lawn Tractor Races.





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