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Larry Costa Restoring The Old Poor Farm

The Old "Poor Farm" also (Bowman Farm) Renovation Project.

Starting to Burn the "Poor Farm" house (Fall 2008). These are some pictures of the old "Poor Farm". It was burned by the town Fire Dept. for practice on purpose as part of a restoration on this property. The house itself was not restorable. Evidently due to the deteriorating condition of the house it would cost more to try to restore it than building a brand new house. This is the name it was known as when I was a child Sam Poor owned it back then. Some may know it as the "Bowman Farm" more recently. Larry Costa now owns it and he is the one restoring this property.


As you can see the barns have been moved and are being restored. Here they have been jacked up so foundations can be put under them.

Some more of the ongoing changes to the old "Poor Farm". In this photo it appears that what was a kind of marshy area that had a spring running through it is being made into a nice pond area. This photo taken in the winter of 2010. Also some trees & rocks have been removed on the left side of the farm increasing the pasture area and a new white wood fence has been put up around the pasture. Someone told me  they were restoring it according to some old photos and using the photos as a guideline the way it looked years ago.

The marshy area has been dug out to make a pond. and more water is being pumped out. Not sure if this will be a pond or if they are adding more pasture land on this side or maybe both.


The above area has been cleared of rocks and trees and top soil added and seeded.


A herd of cattle now enjoying the pasture land, and a nice white fence has been put up around the pasture.

The barns have pretty much been finished and painted yellow.




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