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Andover Business & Services Phone Numbers

      I have had some requests to put some contact phone numbers on this site for services and businesses. If you live in Andover and have a business or service to provide people and would like me to put your number on here, just email me at spotsb@gmail.com  or give me a call. At the same time if I put your phone number on here and you would not like it on here, please let me know and I'll be glad to remove it.

Andover Fire Dept.- 392-1431 (for emergencies dial 911)

Andover Town Office- 392-3302  fax# 392-1205

Andover Town Garage- 392-3602

Andover Water District- 392-1036

Akers Ski Shop- 392-4582

Andover General Store- 392-4172

Andover Wood Products- 392-2101  (coffee shop- 392-2461)

Andover Little Red Hen- 392-2253

Andover Public Library- 392-4841

Bicycle Repairs- Jackie Gammon- 392-3732

E. C. Cooper Excavation- 207-357-2648

Pete's Hardware- 207-392-1028 (also some gardening supplies, feed grains, guitar- banjo-fiddle strings and more)

Martin's Auto Sales & Service- 392-1219

Mills Market- 392-3062

Rainey JA & Sons Carpentry- 392-1113

Mountain Spring Farm Bed & Breakfast- 207-364-2244 (on Andover Road)






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