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Wedding on the Common

Wedding on the Common

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Old Post Office now Antique Shop

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Fire Station

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 Katie's Cones/Brian Mills Garage

Little League Field, Playground, &  Tennis Courts

Town Garage & Basketball Court

Town Office

Post Office

Elderwood Apts.

Ellis's Homestead Boarding House site of first library 1745-1795. Also first Post Office 1824

Chandler House

Martin's Services Garage

The Old Poor Farm restored by Larry Costa

The Andover Satellite Station

The Snowmobilers Hut

The Old Andover Wood Products

Ellis River Riders Horse Riding Park

Horse Riders competing in events

Ellis River Riders Inc.

Akers Ski Shop    http://www.akers-ski.com

Quite s bit larger than when I was growing up. I got my first alpine and jumping skis from Leon Akers Ski Shop. As a young man in high school I was one of Leon Akers first employees. The kids were still young then. He had everything in his garage which he had extended. There was a large room where he kept all the skis and a small room where I worked packaging up the skis that would be shipped all over the country.

In spite of my working there, Akers Ski Business has been quite successful. If you need a good pair of skis or some good ski equipment, this is the place to go. For more information about Akers Ski Shop just click on the following link which will take you to their website.




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